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Wrinkled Skin

Best Laser Wrinkle Treatment in Delhi

Every one of us has to face ageing and of course wrinkles during our lifespan. However, we all can take a breath of relief as with the help of Best Laser Wrinkle Treatment in Delhi the effects of ageing and wrinkled skin can be reduced or mitigated to a great extent.

Having wrinkled skin means folds, creases, and ridges that appear with old age. The wrinkled skin mostly appears on hands, face, neck, and other body parts too. But our patients don’t have to worry about anything when we are standing next to them to provide the best treatment. 

Causes of Wrinkled Skin 

Along with age growth, there are many other causes of wrinkled skin that you might be unaware of. So, have a look at the below pointers : 

  • Regularly Involvement in Smoking: According to many medical experts, regular smoking can have a direct effect on the blood supply of your skin. That’s why due to smoking you can have wrinkled skin at an early stage. 
  • Exposure to the sun: The UV rays of the sun cause many skin problems like Dull Complexion, patches, and even wrinkles too. This is because sun rays harm the texture of the skin and cause the formation of wrinkles. 
  • Genetic factors: With your increased age growth, you can also have wrinkles as per your genetic history. 
  • Facial Expressions: Some people also believe that making facial expressions more frequently can cause wrinkles too. This is because a groove forms on our skin when we smile or frown. However, this fact is more true for older people. 

As you are now familiar with all the possible reasons that can make your skin wrinkled, you can prevent your skin in a much better way. 

Who all are at risk of having Wrinkled Skin? 

After analyzing the causes, we can conclude that the following individuals are more likely to damage their skin at their early stages : 

  • Smokers: If one is consuming smoking and alcohol on a daily basis, then there are high chances that they can have wrinkles much prior to their age growth. 
  • Individuals who are having a poor lifestyle: If someone is not taking the utmost care of their skin and neglecting good habits like eating healthy and exercising, then they come a step closer to getting old. 
  • People who come in direct contact with the sun 

Signs of having Wrinkled Skin 

Wrinkles and folds of your skin are easily visible on your face and other body parts. If it occurs at a very initial stage, it can hamper your overall look. That’s why it’s important to pay high attention at the initial stage when you start noticing your wrinkles. 

If you are noticing lines and folds on your skin, that can be considered early signs of wrinkles. Take the folds, creases, and lines on a serious note and better take the expert’s advice to reduce their visibility.

Prevention of having Wrinkled Skin

It is a bitter truth that humans can’t escape from getting older and having wrinkles. However, there are some prevention tips that you can follow to delay and prevent your skin from wrinkles. 

We would request our clients to note down the following pointers : 

  • Protect your skin: The first step is to protect your skin from sun rays, dust, and other external factors. There are many simple options to protect your skin including sunglasses and hats. Taking utmost care of your skin is necessary to avoid skin problems.
  • Keep your skin moisturized and fresh: Your skin will remain wrinkle-free if you will be hydrated and will keep your skin moisturized. We will advise you to invest in good cosmetic and skin care products. 
  • Keep a check on your facial expressions: Avoid making faces more frequently as they can also cause wrinkles.
  • Don’t involve much in smoking: As mentioned earlier, high consumption of alcohol and smoking can directly hamper your skin, so it’s better to avoid or limit their use.

These above-mentioned steps can be easily followed by putting minimum effort. So, it’s better to protect your skin and avoid wrinkles and other skin-related problems before time. 

Types of treatment available at Panacea Global Hair & Skin Services Clinic 

Skin problems like wrinkles are common to have and that’s why our team is able to come up with various medical treatments. Our team members are successfully able to provide both types of surgical and non-surgical treatment depending on their situations. 

Some of the most common and preferable ones are mentioned below :

Non Surgical Skin Tightening Treatments 

  • Ultra-Lift: Our team provides treatments that are based on ultrasound which can show prolonged and effective results. The Ultralift - HIFU  treatment is the best for solving such problems of the skin. 
  • Intragen: This is also another type of radio- frequency-based treatment which is used for skin tightening. 

Surgical Treatment Methods 

  • Dermabrasion: This is a type of surgical treatment method in which the upper layer of the skin is removed and replaced with a new layer of the skin. The patients can have wrinkle-free skin after the treatment. 
  •  Micro-Dermabrasion: This is an advanced medical treatment. During this medical process micro-crystals of aluminum oxide are sprayed through a powerful vacuum all over the wrinkled skin. The treatment is done to stimulate the new cell growth of the skin for more effective results. 

Not only this but our team of highly skilled and qualified dermatologists are also mastered in providing various other surgical treatments that can help you to get rid of wrinkles in a short duration.

What’s the Micro-Dermabrasion Cost India? 

Owing to years of experience in providing the best medical treatment for Anti Ageing and wrinkled skin, we are able to opt for different medical procedures. 

We are involved in providing treatments of facelifts, ultra lifts, dermabrasion, and many others. However, among all the treatments the Micro- dermabrasion is the most effective one. 

As we use updated medical technology, we are able to keep the Micro-Dermabrasion Cost India low so that we can fade away the wrinkles of our valuable patients without any worries. 

Why choose us for rendering medical services?

Whether it’s related to wrinkles or any other skin-related problems, we are glad to become your helping hand by figuring out the most suitable solution for you. 

Nevertheless, at the same time, our team members are able to provide those services at very reasonable prices. That’s why most of the patients can easily avail of services from us without any hustle-bustle. 

At Panacea Global Hair & Skin Services, we put our best team efforts into successfully completing the treatment in a limited period.

So, without any further delay, book your appointment now!

Faqs Answer


What are the most important parts of a skincare routine?

Apart from following the cleanse, tone and moisture skincare routine, you need to also keep your skin safe from the harmful rays of the sun. The damage can result in dark spots, wrinkles, and also there is a risk of skin cancer. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion or spray to keep you protected.

Uneven skin tone is caused by uneven distribution of pigment, it can also be caused by extreme sun exposure and hormonal changes. if you do not exfoliate your skin properly, you can develop uneven skin tone because of the excessive buildup of dead skin cells. You can use serums, creams that contain vitamin C to even your skin tone. You can also swear by home remedies to get back even toned skin.

There are few categories typically skin is classified into; normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive skin. But over a period of time your skin texture and type can change as it is affected by a lot of factors such as lifestyle, hormones and your diet. The ideal way to understand your skin type might be, to wash it gently and leave it for several hours without using any product to observe your skin.

Acne is most common in young adults with increasing hormone levels, and about 80 percent of people will have at least one [acne] outbreak before age 30. It is less common in older adults, who tend to have steadier hormone levels. Since stress can affect hormones, it may also play a role in the development of acne, but so far, there is no definitive evidence that factors such as stress, diet, or light makeup have any links with acne. If you have acne, wash gently with a mild cleanser no more than twice a day; and avoid hard scrubbing, exfoliating, and touching the affected areas.

UV exposure and hormonal changes are two causes of dark spots. Avoiding the sun and wearing sunscreen can prevent new dark spots from forming, while exfoliating regularly or using prescription medications may help treat the existing spots you already have. Certain dark spot correctors or moisturizers may also make a difference over time. Remember to choose the products that are formulated for your skin type.

As your skin loses elasticity and collagen, it naturally begins to appear wrinkled and saggy. By caring for it and focusing on prevention, you can minimize these issues. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day, and consider using eye creams and other topical products that contain retinoids and antioxidants, which can help improve the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin.

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