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Hair Loss in Men

Hair Loss in Men

In recent times, mainly in the past two years, we have seen that the problem of hair loss in men is at its peak due to various factors. Hair loss has become a major cosmetic problem for both males and females.

The problem of baldness is affecting a large number of people due to various factors. Some people complain that they are facing hair loss due to changing environments or external factors. Others also state that they are having skin and hair problems due to stress. However, to know the root cause and for the Best Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi, connect with a team of highly qualified medical professionals. 

Causes Associated With Hair Loss In Men

The reason behind the hair loss varies from individual to individual. Some of the most common causes of baldness are mentioned below : 

  • Changes in male hormones: Men suffer more from baldness problems due to changes in male hormones. They are responsible for hair thinning and loss. 
  • Taking Stress: The more you will take stress about family situations, work pressure, or for any other reason, the more hair loss you will face. 
  • Deprivation of Protein: In order to reduce the problem of baldness, one must have a rich balanced diet so that all the necessary nutrients can reach out to the body for nourishment. 
  • External Factors: Sometimes, the changing environment including dust and dirt can harm the quality of your hair. That’s why it’s advisable to use good quality cosmetics products for both skin and hair. 
  • Other reasons include genetic factors: Genes are also responsible for men's hair loss, however treatment for the same can be done by the experts to provide the best possible solutions.

Signs of Having Hair Loss in Men : 

There are a few common signs that announce the problem of hair loss in men. Our team of experts has mentioned them below : 

  • Patterned baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia: If you are noticing a decrease in the density of hair in the crown area, then it can hamper your overall look. This condition can be considered an early sign of hair loss.
  • Alopecia Areata: This condition is quite serious as the patient suffers from complete hair loss. That’s why it should be treated by experts on time. 
  • Loss of eyelashes: Before you notice hair loss, there can be a loss of eyelashes too. So, consider it an early sign of baldness. 
  • Traction Alopecia: Sometimes, hairstyles pull on the scalp constantly which causes different types of hair loss. 

Prevention against Hair Loss in Men :

Prevention of such baldness problems is much better than Male Baldness Treatment in India at a later stage. Although some factors like genetic history are not in one’s hands, there are other factors too that can be controlled by following some precautions. Here, we have mentioned the same : 

  • Check out your hair products: Avoid using too many hair products at one time, check out which is the most suitable and use them properly. 
  • Don’t skip taking an adequate diet: While consuming your meal, make sure that it has minerals and vitamins included in it. The richer your diet will be, the better will be your quality of hair.
  • Protection of scalp and hair: The external factors are also responsible for hair loss, so stay away from dirt and dust. Use products that can prevent your hair in a better way. 
  • The above are only a few precaution steps and tips that can show effective results and prevent your scalp in the most effective way. Along with them, we will advise our patients to improve their lifestyle and daily exercise routine to avoid the problem of baldness to a great extent. 

Best and reliable treatment at Panacea Aesthetics & Dermatology : 

The next question that must be coming into your mind is most probably regarding the types of Best Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi that is given for solving baldness problems. That’s why for making you familiar with the ease of medical processes, we are listing some of them below : 

  • Treatment through medicines: Sometimes, the patients don’t have serious hair fall issues which can be cured by providing the right medications and hair supplements for better hair growth.
  •  PRP Therapy: Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is opted by many clients for their hair restoration treatment. This is a clinically tested and scientifically proven medical treatment for hair loss. 
  • Derma Roller: Under this treatment, the team of qualified and experienced doctors makes use of shorter needles and a derma roller on a weekly basis for the purpose of regeneration of hair follicles.
  •  Laser hair loss treatments: Other than surgical and non-surgical medical treatment, our team members also specialise in providing laser hair loss treatment which is considered as painless and more effective. 

For the past few years, we have been successfully delivering our medical services at Panacea Aesthetics & Dermatology clinic. That’s why the patients can get their treatment done without any hesitation and worries. 

Receive the most reliable treatment at affordable charges and within no time: 

We understand the challenges of our patients that finding the right clinic is a difficult task. That’s why our team is there to become your backbone and provide you with the best treatment.

We are successful in providing those treatments at the best budget-friendly prices. We are also capable of ensuring our patients that they don’t have to spend several days getting their treatment done. 

They can receive effective results in a short duration under the guidance of a highly qualified and experienced team of doctors. 

Why should you choose us? 

Our team members are trained under rigorous training and have hands-on expertise in various practical aspects. That’s the reason you can experience the best personalised medical services with us. 

Our main priority is to provide the best solutions for hair loss problems so that we can become a helping hand in the overall well-being of your health. 

With our skills and knowledge, we are able to opt for advanced and updated techniques. These first-class medical processes are done with advanced laboratory and machinery helping us to show effective and faster results. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment now and connect with the best medical experts in zero hours.

Faqs Answer


What are the most important parts of a skincare routine?

Apart from following the cleanse, tone and moisture skincare routine, you need to also keep your skin safe from the harmful rays of the sun. The damage can result in dark spots, wrinkles, and also there is a risk of skin cancer. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen lotion or spray to keep you protected.

Uneven skin tone is caused by uneven distribution of pigment, it can also be caused by extreme sun exposure and hormonal changes. if you do not exfoliate your skin properly, you can develop uneven skin tone because of the excessive buildup of dead skin cells. You can use serums, creams that contain vitamin C to even your skin tone. You can also swear by home remedies to get back even toned skin.

There are few categories typically skin is classified into; normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive skin. But over a period of time your skin texture and type can change as it is affected by a lot of factors such as lifestyle, hormones and your diet. The ideal way to understand your skin type might be, to wash it gently and leave it for several hours without using any product to observe your skin.

Acne is most common in young adults with increasing hormone levels, and about 80 percent of people will have at least one [acne] outbreak before age 30. It is less common in older adults, who tend to have steadier hormone levels. Since stress can affect hormones, it may also play a role in the development of acne, but so far, there is no definitive evidence that factors such as stress, diet, or light makeup have any links with acne. If you have acne, wash gently with a mild cleanser no more than twice a day; and avoid hard scrubbing, exfoliating, and touching the affected areas.

UV exposure and hormonal changes are two causes of dark spots. Avoiding the sun and wearing sunscreen can prevent new dark spots from forming, while exfoliating regularly or using prescription medications may help treat the existing spots you already have. Certain dark spot correctors or moisturizers may also make a difference over time. Remember to choose the products that are formulated for your skin type.

As your skin loses elasticity and collagen, it naturally begins to appear wrinkled and saggy. By caring for it and focusing on prevention, you can minimize these issues. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day, and consider using eye creams and other topical products that contain retinoids and antioxidants, which can help improve the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin.

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